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Container Material and House Use Container Homes

With the development of the technology and science, people’s living standard is being better and better. As the most important part of our lives, the house is being multi-functional and Intellectualized, now the detachable container house(assembly container ) is being the most hot selling products in our company.

Product Information
Specification For Detachable Container house
Base Beam2.0*5615MM,Q235B
Up Beam2.0*2480MM,Q235B
Corner Piece160*160*4.5MM,Q235B
Wall Panel(50mm rock wool+0.4/0.3mm steel plate)
Foam roof(12 kgs/m³ fire-proof) white double faced laminating
Mgo Floor15*1143*2800mm
WindowPlastic Steel 930*1200mm
DoorSteel 980*1980*0.4mm
Bottom Square Tube80*80*2980*1.0mm

Container Material and House Use Container Homes

Product Parameter
Product Technical Parameter
Resistant temperature‘-50~50℃
Fire proof gradeA1 grade
Earthquake resistance8 grades
Wind resistant180km/h
Snow load capacity of roofing0.6kn/m2
Live load capacity of roofing0.6kn/m2
Glass wool density50kg/m3
Glass wool thickness50 mm
External and internal wall heat transmission coefficient0.35kcal/m2hc
Delivery time15-20days
Container loading320kg/m2
Product Advantages/Characteristics

1. No ground foundation involved.

2. Green material, no construction garbage caused.

3. Strong & Durable structure.

4. Easy installation design.

5. Convenient transportation.

6. Cost saving (material and labor cost).

7. Reusable(material & water & electronic system and others.

Product Show

Container Coffee Bar FD BF-035

Product Messages

Container Material and House Use Container Homes