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Do you want to build the house by yourself quickly?

Pulished on Mar. 30, 2019

Generally speaking, we need spend too much time building the house belong to us in our daily lives. At the same time, the regular house is non-movable, non-detachable and bulky design. Right now when we build the large-scale construction projects we often need live in somewhere several weeks or months for our work. The housing cost will be increased too much. But now, we will recommend this house for you:

Flat Pack Container House

Do you want to build the house by yourself quickly?

Just need 4 persons install the flat pack container house by 4 hours or less time. In other words, you just need any time finish the full equipped house. LOL

The house is water proof design, and the structure is high strength hot dip hollow Q235 galvanized steel. It’s not necessary to worry about the house strength.

Key points are here:

1. House Resistant temperature is ‘-50~50℃

2. House fire proof grade: A1 grade

3. Earthquake resistance:10 grades

4. Maximum wind resistant:180km/h

Unbelievable, right? The house is so strong!

So hey guys, what are you waiting for? Order now